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Default Shell Epon 828 epoxy resin

hey guys,

Can anyone tell me if this is a good infusion resin? What hardener number (product#) would be best suited for this for laminating carbon fiber/fiberglass using infusion?

I found this stuff for sale cheap.. $30 a gallon with hardener ( don't know what kind of hardener though) and then 3 gallons for $70 with hardener. the hardener he is selling with it is Versamid 140 (amine).

I know the resin i use now is non-amine ( if that make sense). Are resin's formulated to be used with amine and a different forumlation for non amine hardeners?

Just a side note: Shell epoxy is now branded "Hexion"... available retail at for like $70 - 1.3 gallon kit.

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