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Default Air purifiers in work room?

I'm looking to do some composites in the house/garage/basement-room with some epoxy, and possibly some in IMC polyurethanes, but nothing sprayed rather brushed. The only chemical that would have any potential off gassing would be the polyurethane clear coat. Any one know of a good air filtration system that I could use in a 250sqft room with the doors closed that would clean the air? I would use a respirator in the room but want to have the air cleaned in the room as I work so as not to have any smells coming into the house.

I have come across this which seems promising

It has a 26Lb activated carbon filter. Is this type of fitration adequate for cleaning the air of VOC's that might offgass from brush coatings?

By any estimate how long would the lifespan be of a 26Lb activated carbon filter in hours?
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In for some answers too.

I typically do the nasty poly stuff outside and infuse inside. I just bought a little home filter though for that room I infuse in. I also wear a mask when cutting carbon inside and keep that filter running to collect any loose strands that may fly in the air.
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Jeez I really have to advise against cutting carbon fibre inside... Not just because of the obvious health risks of inhaling the dust directly, but also the fact that carbon dust is conductive and it WILL destroy any electrical items that it gets into. And trust me, the stuff gets absolutely everywhere.
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