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Question Help : Crack repair

Hi folks.

I need to repair a cracked CF part (automotive rear spoiler /wing) and prefer to seek some wisdom before I start the job.

The crack seems to be on the surface, but I am not certain if it has gone through the part (I do not want to pressure it to make it worse).

There are in fact 2 cracks - one larger exposed one and another hair line crack below (see image)

Unfortunately this part is NOT accessible from behind as it is one closed piece.

I am thinking of sanding the crack with a small file by hand rather than using a Dremel not to risk cutting through it.

Then filling the crack with a clear lower viscosity epoxy resin (using a syringe) and then polishing it.

Any other alternatives to this ?

I am concerned with cracks growing so I have considered drilling small holes on their ends to prevent further opening.

Does this method (often used in metal) also work for Carbon Fiber ? (See image)

I also will need to fill the holes afterwards.

Many Thanks in advance

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