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No real need for segmentation.

I usually did segment into 2-3 meter stretches, so I was able to shut off a segment when the infusion was complete at that segment, but with MTI it shuts off itself. So for your boat in theory you can use an MTI hose all way round, mix enough resin for the infusion, open the resin valve, and go home. Next day everything is infused and cured. No real need to be present. (although I still would not dare walking away)

Today I should be the one typing faster...

Edit2: after reading DD Compounds reply:
Indeed I would still use a resin trap, just to be sure. However, all the infusions I did with MTI I did not spill a single drop of resin into the vacuum lines. But better safe than sorry...

Another nice thing about MTI is that you can use it in areas where you suspect there might be a large void. Sometimes, with larger structures, you cannot avoid that. Just place a small stretch of MTI hose (can be 10 cm long) attached to a vacuum hose, roughly onthe spot where a void might develop. This "set it and forget it" operation will take care of any void that might develop there.
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Default Peel ply resin breaks Enhancing resin infusion

Wet bagging:

prewet the fabric, either by laminating in the mould, or prelaminating, then placing in the mould, then apply bagging consumables peelply, perf film, bleeder, bag and apply a vacuum.

place fabrics dry, apply infusion consumables peelply, perf film, infusion mesh, runner system, bag, apply vacuum, mix resin and let it suck in.

These are the very basics, there are variations on both themes.
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breaks, enhancing, infusion, peel, ply, resin, resin infusion, resin trap, vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion, vacuum pump

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