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Default Compression mold made of bolted aluminum block and fiberglass?

I'm considering compression molding a component.

I'm deciding between having the final component CAM machined out of high strength aluminum and be done with it (not needing to compression mold) or do I attempt to compression mold it out of carbon myself.

2 options for compression mold.

1) The compression mold would be a compromise since I will not machine a tool. I would try and have make an aluminum box bolted together which would internally hold a fitted female mold (likely glass and epoxy) and into that I would lay the carbon, inflate under pressure and have the final part in carbon.

OR 2) buy a a 5 gallon pressure pot and just make a glass/epoxy mold and use the pot as an autoclave Simpler but space would/may be a restriction.

Any insight if option 1 would be workable.

I can not foresee issues with the internally fitted glass mold if it fits perfectly inside the aluminum box?

How thick would aluminum need to be for safety if I'm talking 12"x12"x6" internal cavity and 30PSI internally? (~4400Lb force internally...) What size/# of bolts would I be looking at?

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