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Default Mold reinforcement

Hi to all,

What is your opinion about fibre reinforcement for a 2,10 m tender mold ?

The first idea is to build it from vinylyster resin and e-glass fibres

The boat will build from epoxy and carbon

How many fibre units mold is suitable for this situation ?

What kind of glass and the series of these ?


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I use the specific low shrinkage filled tooling resin systems available.

These are the ones that require the laminate to be thick enough that it generates heat of about 50C Min of 3 x 450g CSM at a time. They become a cream white colour when cured.

Typical mould is.

Vinylester tooling gel
1 x 225g CSM with specific low shrink skinning resin hand laid.

Let cure.

Next is 3 x 450g csm with the tooling resin in one hit, let cure. This will get hot around 50C.

Then once cooled another 3 x 450g csm.

Mould ends up about 8mm thick.

These bigger moulds are the same resin system but as a PVC foam sandwich.

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I was just about to ask the same thing.

I need advice also. I've used the iso resin before but am stuck with polyester gel coat.

The new mold I want to work on is semi flat which to me seems like it would warp easier. I know some people add bracing within the csm like welded metal bars?
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Dear Fasta,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm thinking to infuse the mold than laid up.
In the middle of the series of 450csm i must place a core material like 3d core to give thickness.

for this mold 1cm thick is ok ?

is that correct?

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