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Default DIY Catchpot

Hello. I tried to make a DIY catchpot using PVC tube. I made 3 holes, 1 for vscuum gauge, 1 for in and 1 for out. I stick two caps at the ends of the tube with silicone. I used also silicone for placing the vacuum gauge and inlet-outlet. I fixed some mini-air bleeds but unfortunately the vacuum stays at 0.8bar and cant reach close to 1 bar. Also when I close the pump, I start loosing very slowly vacuum (something like 0,01 bar per minute).
Has anyone make a better catchpot than that? Where is my mistake?
Thank you.
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I use a 10" water filter housing.
13 on fleabay.. I have just bought another to use as a prefilter on my new Pump
There is a bleed screw that you need to remove the spring from, easy job with a screwdriver.
Makes a handy point to place a Gauge.
Best thing is that a tall paper cup drops right in... any mess ends up in that, and is replaced easily.
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Paint pressure pots work great
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