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I found some days ago a link where there is for sale a heather controller for beer. He sell the thermoregolator, probe and pc interface (200€). It's near my home, so next weeks I go to met this people. If can interest I can post it (for take ideas)
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Maybe one like this?
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One of these would be OK to get you going..
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I have been using one of these for 10 years on two ovens.

Can programme ramp and dwell but the ramp really depends on your heating capacity. My oven is flat out at 2 deg per min with light moulds/mass in oven.

The one Morepower posted above is good value though??
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Those three are all the same and exactly what I'm using. There might be slight differences in programming. Mine will let me adjust the ramp time by adjusting the cycling time of the heating element, which isn't the same as saying 2C/minute. Really would like that function.

Kevin Steegmann
PolyTube Cycles
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I am converting a large toaster oven to a composite oven and have picked up this controller to use, only $78. It is programable for ramp up and down rate as well as soak time. The resin I am using needs 3 hours at 150, 200, 275, and 325 with no more than a 2 to 5 degree change in temperature per minute both up and down. This controller will do it.
The toaster oven was $100 and has a convection fan built in. I am in the process of insulating it now and then I will move to the controls.
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could you post a play-by-play of your build. The electronics/regulation of the elements is beyond my understanding. I too would look for an oven that I could modify but I can't even begin to comprehend how to gut/rewire everything so that it can be managed with ramp rates and max/hold etc.

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contoller, heat

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