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Default removing sealant tape

Unfortunately the search is not working for me.

I have received a set of moulds with 5 year old sealant tape on it. Due to hot storage the tape melted and is on a large part of the moulds. It is a butyl type of tape. What kind of chemical would remove it? Tried acetone, but no luck.
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Have you a freezer that you could pop it in for a while?
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On my hit list would be MEK, tolulene, and lacquer thinner. I've used them all at different times on glue residue from tape (masking tape and whatnot) but I've never tried on butyl tape. They don't evaporate as fast as acetone so I think they have a little more time to work their magic.
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Read this article. Note the part about Goof-Off using Xylene as a base and then the part about naptha being adequate and providing a longer exposure time to break down the adhesive. It's what I would try first.
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dry ice (sometimes)
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