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Default Slight Issue with using Resin Infusion Using Polyester Gel and Surfboard Resin

Hi first time posting here.

Im using Polyester Marine Clear gel coat sprayed onto the glass.
I have a insulted box i use to cure the gel to where is is barely tacky.
Then i lay in the carbon-fiber, 3 layers of fiberglass cloth, peel-ply, green flow mesh, and then seal the bag to the glass.

I pull all air out first then open the resin line and it takes just a few minutes to fully infuse. I clamp of the vacuum side then resin side.

I put the insulated box with heater back over to let it cure for a couple of hours.

Was a bit dry ran the pump to long learned to create a resin damn to help keep the part more resin rich.

I still get a textured gloss surface of the fibers. Its not complete print through.

Im thinking it might be surfboard resin grabbing the gel and as it cures it shrinks creating the pattern in the gel.

Other than the part infuses perfect no pinholes or bubbles.
I could try sanding the surface with 600 and buffing should make it flat but trying to avoid that if i could.

Might need to switch to an epoxy based infusion.

Any help would be great.
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