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Default Dumb question. Finding AW and converting it

So, let's say I have a mat that weights 1.88mg in an area of 1022.47sq/mm.
How in the WORLD do I convert this to areal weight? ideally I'd like to find the weight in mg/cm2. I just can't wrap my head around how to put weight into a specific size.
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Areal weight is weight/surface area, sorta similar to density, but density makes more sense describing 3 dimensional objects (weight/ volume, obv. the cloth technically still is 3d). Are you asking how to do a unit conversion? You start with 1.88 mg/ 1022.47mm2, which is a weight (in mg) over an area. You can't buy cloth that says "1.88 mg/1022 mm2)", so how do you you convert that? Dimensional analysis is a fancy name for unit conversion. Basically, you multiply the appropriate conversions with your original relationship. The underlining is representing a division line.

1.88mg x 10 mm x 10 mm = (1.88 mg * 10 * 10)/ (1022.47 *1 *1)= .1838 mg/cm2.
1022.47 mm2 1 cm 1 cm

You can eliminate variables on the top/bottom, so you go from mm2 to cm2. That make sense?

edited to make things more clear

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