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Question Home base business bias class action lawsuit?

Any other small, home based business have been denied being able to buy from a wholesale business?

After 30 years of mostly automotive products manufacturing of my own ideas and only wholesaling them to my dealers...I have started doing Internet retail sales thru like eBay and other forums.

I have also started selling automotive hard parts that I buy from a local warehouse. But other warehouses will not sell to me (full Ca. resale lic. and legal too...) as I'm a home base business!

Has anyone else been denied the ability to buy from a wholesaler too as you are also a home base business?

Any attorneys on here want a class action lawsuit....
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Default How it works in FL

That sux!
Here in FL, you make an application for a "Home Occupation License". That s about 30 bucks a year to the county - lets them know that you are operating out of your house and they check the type of operation and local zoning - as I understand.

Then - you get a FL State Tax permit - free - but book-keeping involved - BUT you then don't pay the 6% sales tax on any purchases, and with the tax document I've never had a problem getting goods from wholesalers - at wholesale/discounted price. But, you collect tax, report and pay on the stuff you sell, all done quarterly -- even report when no-sales. The FL State Tax permit - is kinda optional - I haven't been making any money - so a non issue - they let me put it on hold. Through eBay it would be an issue - maybe, I see folks selling to others in FL collection.

Infact, I tried to set my home occupation license as "designer/prototype developer" - but it so confused the county staff the listed me as -- "Wholesaler!" go figure - Jim
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