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Originally Posted by Hanaldo View Post
I spray PVA with a HVLP gun, normally using a 1.2mm tip. Have used used a 0.8mm tip on smaller parts and a 1.8mm tip on occasion as well. PVA has excellent self levelling properties but runs easily, so I normally do the first 2-3 coats as a mist coat, then spray 3-4 full wet passes. Treat it exactly as you would a paint and it will turn out well with a bit of practice. Even if you get a run, let it dry and make your mould, then it only takes 5 minutes to rub the run out using 400 and another 5 minutes to polish it back up to a gloss.

I tried spraying PVA and it seemed like the gun was spraying bubbles into the pva on the part I was laying it down on....

I just got a real fancy Iwata LPH400 but I would be hesitant to spray anything remotely water based from it, do you use high quality guns to spray the pva or do you get good results from cheap ones?
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Nah I just use cheap $30 ones for PVA, only use my expensive gun for spraying Duratec coatings.

The air bubbles come from spraying too heavy a coat. You need to spray it thinner and in more coats, otherwise it bubbles. Also if it is particularly hot where you are, don't spray it in direct sunlight. I've found the heat can make the air bubbles a lot worse.
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