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Very sorry about your results. They do look typical though. Those look like pinholes from the weave and the clear is sinking in. Before clearing I went to wiping the part with water after sanding. Then blowing the surface with compressed air. The water would stream out from the holes and tell me where they were. I'd circle the problem areas with a grease pencil and blade in 5minute epoxy. Sand and repeat. Then clear coat.

I've had alot of problems with IMC so this became my best practice for small run one off parts that needed to work first try.
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Duratec sunshield works good for this problem (much better than clear coat). Apply a medium coat, take a brush over the surface to remove the pinholes. Follow up with one or two more medium coats, waiting a few minutes between coats to allow for solvent to evaporate. After sand surface down and either do a thin down sunshield coat (harder surface than clear coat), or clear coat surface as normal. Shouldn't have any pinholes after..
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finish, mold

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