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Originally Posted by muibubbles View Post
how would you make a part more resin rich in infusion? Isnt the point of infusion to create a close-to perfect ratio of resin to fiber?

How long should you leave the part under vacuum for before introducing resin? When i leave it for 10-15 minutes it really flattens the look of the weave..

OP- are the pics you posted with or without a gel coat?
The point of resin infusion is to allow you to achieve whatever VF ratio you are aiming for. Let more resin in and you get a higher content, let less in and you get less. But with infusion you are able to calculate it almost exactly, so you can achieve whatever you are going for and do it repeatedly.

I normally leave mine under vacuum for at least an hour, often 4-5. Depending on the number of layers and type of fabrics I'm using, I sometimes let the vacuum off and revacuum several times before infusing.
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what does letting the vacuum on and off do? Better compaction?
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I doubt it leads to better compaction post-infusion vs a part that was just bagged, but I find it gets the fabrics to sit better. If I've got some stiff fabrics in the layup like heavier carbon fibres or carbon fibre uni's, then they often don't like to go down right the first time. If they sit up a bit around a corner then there will be a void, so I release and revacuum several times to make sure everything is in it's place.
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You should check your vacuum level at the part inlet rather than using a time period to guess that your part is actually at low enough pressure level. There can be a big deviance in actual vacuum level depending on many variables. Best to confirm using a digital absolute pressure gauge at the part. Also, you can speed up vacuum soak time by attaching vacuum directly to your resin inlet.
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Thanks for all the responses will take these into my next infusion test panel.
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