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Default Spam Update 1

To catch you all up with what I've been doing

Registration has been closed for a bit now, and it seems to have stopped the flood of spam.

Now there are some spammers that signed before I closed registration so they might rear their ugly heads now and then but we'll stamp them out.

In terms of updates I found some newer things I'm going to install over the coming weeks so I can hopefully open up registration again for regular people but have it hard enough where spammers won't want to bother. I'm being light on the details as I don't want to reveal the tricks or make it obvious what the counter measures are.

Lastly if anyone has any concerns please feel free to raise them. I keep this place going because I really think it's a great community and a no BS place for you guys to help each other out. I want nothing to get in the way of that

Thanks for sticking with me guys
Someday I'll be a pro. But today I'm getting there one step at at time.
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