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Default ESM G100 Spray gun VS G660 hvlp style?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a dump gun for resin and gelcoat, along with some polyester fairing compounds.

I have been pressing into service, my binks 95 with a 2.8mm tip, but it doesn't really like spraying gelcoat in the quantity required to lay up a mold. I use it for topcoats, too... so I start getting excited about getting ti clean a bit prematurely. (grin)
I have been using the 3m PPS system, which is a little bladder bag, on the syphon feed guns as my 95 won't pick up tooling gel in a conventional cup.

I am looking at the Elder and Sons manufacturing G100 spray gun that takes paper cups, as that seems to be the bar which everything else measures. Can you spray upwards at all, or is downhill only?

I'm curious if the HVLP style gun with a 4.0 mm tip, is handier to use, and might not leak when the trigger isn't being pulled.

Thanks for the thoughts,

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While not exactly what you are asking for, I have had very good success spraying gelcoat with a Campbell Hausfeld DH4200 Spray gun. The main benefit to this type of gun is that you can use in either suction feed or pressure feed from the cup. For Gelcoat, I use the pressure feed option, which requires moving a setscrew from one location to another. The main benefit is these can be found for less than $10 if you look around - I just bought two of them from Amazon at less than $10, but they can be found on EBay as well. Campbell Hausfeld has other models that will allow you to pressurize the cup, but I'm not certain of what they are.

Good luck.

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