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Ah, yes, Herman, thanks for correcting my spelling error. We use both and I'm not too happy with empty cans of these collecting in our facility...

Wings: whether you use this on an aircraft part or not, preforming PVC for anything thicker than 3mm will generally help you immensely in avoiding problems with voids, which will drink resin and eventually cause exotherm havoc, and deformation of shape, whether due to resin shrinkage or due to curing temperature issues. If your part is a flat plate, no issues, else, try thermoforming. At least you can preform using a hot air blower like boat builders do.
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Originally Posted by wings View Post

If used to glue the first skin ( carbon fabric for aesthetic purposes,then transparent) to the mould, does it leave visible traces in the resin ?
I am interested in this question too. Is there a tack spray that dosen't affect surface finish if used directly on the mould? The other problem is the tack spray residue left on the mould after demoulding the part.
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adhesive, spray, suggestion

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