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Originally Posted by GeckoSub View Post
Also, I'm not too worried about surface finish at all. This is more a proof of concept thing at this stage.

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If you are going to go through all the effort of making a cf part, you might as well do it right. There is no half measures with cf. I understand why you would want to dip your toe before getting serious but the most likely outcome is that you will waste all of your materials and end up with nothing you want to use.

If you are looking for an easier life and a quicker / more forgiving process, I would recommend working with fiberglass instead. It's 100x easier to work with and far cheaper.

If you end up making a fiberglass part you are happy with, you can then use that as a plug to make a mold for CF at a later date. Fiberglass adheres to corners so easily that it even works in a silicone mold...
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