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You can definitely use the Duratec surface primer if the scratches are fairly minor, though I believe Tom and Roger were referring to the actual vinyl ester mould repair putty that Duratec have, which is more like a body filler in consistency and the fact that it uses a benzoyl peroxide paste catalyst rather than MEKP.

The repair putty would be the better stuff to use if you have chips or biggish sections of damage that won't fill up with primer. It also polishes up quite nicely, better than the primer.

If you just have some scratches though, the Surface Primer will do it. It's main benefit over applying more gelcoat is that it sands easier, so it is quicker and easier to correct imperfections. It won't however polish up quite as nicely though, and so you may be left with a slightly differently textured finish on your final product. It would polish out easily enough, but depends on your needs.

The other alternative is to use the Duratec high gloss top coat if you are just filling scratches, as this also sands easier than gelcoat but will polish up to a full gloss.
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