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Thanks for the info guys.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been trying out your suggestions. I see what you mean about bodyfiller only lasting a few cycles. It's not a permanent fix.

For some reason, I don't seem to have the skills to apply new gel coat over the scratches and then sand it down to the point where it is usable. The shape of my mold cavity is awkward and I seem to make more of a mess than I had before when I try to sand it add uncomfortable angles.

I even bought a proxxon detail sander which was the biggest waste of money yet. It's really a horrible tool!

I ended up using body filler as a temporary fix so I could use the mold to cast a new plug to recreate it without the damage. I was more careful removing the plug the second time.... I used epoxy putty to add a handle on the plug to make it easier to remove with jamming something sharp in the gap around the edges.

I later repaired the original mold by forcing the plug into the cavity under pressure with a fresh gel coat layer. That came out as good as new and seems to be the fastest method of mold repair for me.
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