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About us
Composites Central is a forum dedicated to discussion all aspects of composites design. The site was initially created by a group of individuals but through the years most of them dropped off until the site was closed. Since then though it has been reopened with a new domain, new owner and new hosting.

The purpose of this site is to facilitate free discussion of composites knowledge, whether it be ideas, techniques, or just general talk. The composites industry is one of the most secretive. This forum is dedicated to breaking down some of that secrecy to help all of the users of this site improve their knowledge and skills. It is one of the few places available to do so and in my opinion one of the best. The contributors here are both knowledgeable and friendly. With a bit of searching you will find one of the most complete repositories of composites knowledge. Feel free to search around and be sure to register when you have a chance

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